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BAEK Sangyub

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Center for International Relations

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Associate Professor

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  • Linguistics

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  • Tungusic, Altaic, Linguistic typology, language contact, descriptive linguistics

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  • Hokkaido University

    2016.03,Doctor's Course,Graduate School, Division of Letters,Completed

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  • Ph.D in Linguistics

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  • The Linguistic Society of Japan, Japan Association of Northern Language Studies, Hokkaido Ethnological Society


Correlation between geographical distribution of Tungusic and its grammatical variations

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  • 地域類型論的観点から見たサハリン地域に分布するウイルタ語,アイヌ語,ニヴフ語の定動詞における3 人称標示と複数接辞の文法的類似性について

    白 尚燁,北方言語研究,(11),(p.69 ~ 79),2021.03


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  • 国際関係論


  • 日本語D-2


  • 日本語D-1