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Matsumoto Hiroki

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Division of Production Systems Engineering

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Department of Engineering

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  • Dynamics/Control

  • Fluid engineering

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  • Mechanical Dynamics

  • Sound and Vibration

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  • Suppression of aeolian sound generated from a bent round bar by internal acoustic excitation

    aerodynamic sound,vibration,circular cylinder,2000.04 ~ 2003.03

  • Visualization of Sound Field in Mufflers within a air flow

    Noise,Sound field,Visalization,2003 ~

  • Characteristics of camera shutter blades

    Vibration,Vibration mode,Experimental modal analysis,2005 ~

  • Sound and Vibration of camera lens-barrel

    sound,vibration,vibration mode,2005 ~

  • Reduction method for rebound vibration of a camera reflection mirror

    Vibration,Vibration mode,Experimental modal analysis,2006 ~

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Graduate school・major, etc. 【 display / non-display

  • Muroran Institute of Technology

    1994.03,Faculty of Engineering,機械システム工学科,Graduate,Japan

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  • Doctor of Engineering


Academic Society 【 display / non-display

  • The Japan Soxiety of Precision Engineering

  • The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers

  • Institute of Noise Control Engnieering

  • The Acoustical Society of Japan

  • The Visualization Society of Japan




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1.Point of research 2.Research of novelty
  • 見えない気流の変動と放射音を同時計測
  • 流れ中でもマイクロホンを利用して音場を直接計測可能
  • 放射音の周波数特性から選択的に音源を探索可能
  • 気流中でも独自のプローブ管を利用して直接計測し、音場を可視化
3.Primacy of Technology 4.Situation of patent-related
  • 可視化周波数を任意に設定可能

Papers 【 display / non-display

  • タイ王国チェンマイ大学との学術国際交流について(合同シンポジウムの活動を中心に)

    風間 俊治,花島 直彦,湯浅 友典,寺本 孝司,藤木 裕行,長船 康裕,松本 大樹,河合 秀樹,室蘭工業大学紀要,vol.70,(p.33 ~ 55),2021

  • 熱応力解析による超硬合金鋳ぐるみ多合金白鋳鉄の割れおよび変形に対する予測手法の検討

    村瀬滋哉,清水一道,楠本賢太,松本大樹,長船康裕,リキ ヘンドラ プルバ,,鋳造工学,vol.92,(7),(p.399 ~ 344),2020.08

  • Noise increase penomenon of the air flow through a peforated metal plate

    松本 大樹, 五十嵐 聡, 海野 正樹,Transactions of the JSME (in Japanease),vol.85,(873),Article Number:p.18-00456,2019.05

  • Analysis of Cutting Force in Elastomer End-Milling

    Koji Teramoto, Takahiro Kunishima, Hiroki Matsumoto,International Journal of Automation Technology,vol.11,(6),(p.958 ~ 963),2017.11

  • Rebound Vibration of Two-Plates Bonded Model for an Internal Mirror of SLR Camera

    Hiroki MATSUMOTO, Miho KUMAGAI and Akitaka KIKUCHI,Journal of Physics: Conference Series,vol.744,(1),2016.10

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International conference proceedings 【 display / non-display


    Jingkai Zeng, Koji Teramoto, Dongjin Wu, Hiroki Matsumoto,Proceedings of the JSME 2020 Conference on Leading Edge Manufacturing/Materials and Processing,2020.06,USA

  • Effects of Flow Velocity for Aerodynamic Noise Generated by a Perforated Metal Plate on Circuler Nozzle

    So Igarashi, Hiroki Matsumoto,Proceedings of MIER2017,(p.3 ~ ),2017.11,Chaing Mai

  • Fiber Orientation Angle Identification of Single Layer CFRP Plate by Time Average Holographic Interferometry

    Seidai OGAWA, Hiroki MATSUMOTO,Abstract Book of MIER2015,(p.14 ~ ),2015.05,室蘭

  • Aerodynamic Noise Generated by a Perforated Metal Plate on Circlar Nozzle

    Hiroki MATSUMOTO, Hirofumi MIYANO,Abstract Book of MIER2015,(p.6 ~ ),2015.05,室蘭

  • Vibration of Shutter Blade Model of Single-lens Reflex Camera with TransientMovement

    Souichiro IMAZEKI, Hiroki Matsumoto,,Abstract Book of MIER2015,(p.12 ~ ),2015.05,室蘭

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Editorial and Commentary 【 display / non-display

  • 3Dプリンティングを活用した実習系授業の取り組み

    松本大樹,フルードパワーシステム,vol.45,(6),(p.265 ~ 267),2014.11

  • Practical Education on Mechanical design and Drafting at Muroran Institute of Technology(Groping Cooperation between Drafting Exercise and Machining Practice)

    風間俊治、藤木裕行、松本大樹、寺本孝司、長船康裕,日本設計工学会誌,vol.47,(5),(p.236 ~ 243),2012.09

Presentaion at conference, meeting, etc. 【 display / non-display

  • On the Study for Free vibration of the CFRTP composite plate printed by 3D-printer

    太田佳樹,松本大樹,轟章,D&D2020,日本機械学会,Dynamics and Design Conference 2020講演論文集,(p.108(6pages)),2020.09.01,Online

  • Visualization for vibration mode of CFRTP plate by time averaged digital holographic interferometry

    松本大樹,太田佳樹,轟章,D&D2020,日本機械学会,Dynamics and Design Conference 2020講演論文集,(p.109(8pages)),2020.09.01,Online

  • Improvement for the Identification Method of Material Properties using Vibration Modes of Single Layer Thin Plate

    井関 康善,松本 大樹, 原田 晃,太田 佳樹,本田 真也,小松崎 俊彦,D&D2020,日本機械学会,Dynamics and Design Conference 2020講演論文集,(p.107(9pages)),2020.09.01,Online

  • Invention of Multi-Objective Optimization Method in Camera Structure (Calculation of Pareto Optimal Solution by Topology Optimization)

    横山 翔一,松本 大樹,D&D2020,日本機械学会,Dynamics and Design Conference 2020講演論文集,(p.106(12pages)),2020.09.01,Online

  • Elucidation of the Mechanism of Prominent Frequency Noise by the Air Flow through a Perforated Metal Plate

    山口 海斗,松本 大樹,D&D2020,日本機械学会,Dynamics and Design Conference 2020講演論文集,(p.607(11pages)),2020.09.01,Online

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Patent acquisition 【 display / non-display

  • 低空力騒音型バタフライ弁



Class subject in charge 【 display / non-display

  • 機械力学Ⅰ


  • 機械力学Ⅱ


  • 機械力学Ⅰ


  • 機械ロボット工学演習


  • 機械工学実験


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