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Qu Ming

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The Center for Fundamental Education in Science and Engineering

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Associate Professor

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  • 中国語教育

  • 異文化コミュニケーション

  • 言語テスト

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  • 博士(学術)


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  • 『日本语言文化论丛』


  • Critical, Constructive Assessment of CEFR-informed Language Teaching in Japan and Beyond.

    Fergus O'Dwyer 他13名,Cambridge University Press,Using the Can Do descriptor list as a checklist for short-term Chinese study in China,(p.333),2017.09,9781316638231

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  • 「学生が望む第二外国語教育としての中国語教育-ある国立大学の学生によるアンケート調査のデータに基づいて」

    曲 明,「中国語教育学会全国大会予稿集」,(p.49 ~ 54),2020.06

  • Creation of Moodle-delivered Speaking Tests for Chinese Language Classes in Japan

    Qu Ming,The Journal of Modernization of Chinese Language Education.,(p.30 ~ 42),2019.12

  • 「中国語スピーキングテスト」

    曲明,『コンピュータ適応型中国語テストの開発と検証』,(p.130 ~ 148),2018.03

  • Peer Assessment for Testing Classroom Chinese Speaking in a Japanese University: Correlations and Attitudes.

    Ming Qu & Margit Krause-Ono,JALT(Japan Association for Language Teaching) Gunma chapter Annual journal,(第28号),(p.23 ~ 34),2016.12

  • 「日本人大学生の中国語学習者を対象にしたスピーキングテストの評価尺度の開発」

    曲明,『外国語教育研究』外国語教育学会紀要,(第19号),(p.37 ~ 56),2016.08

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International conference proceedings 【 display / non-display

  • Comparative Study on the Motivations for Chinese Language Learning in the UK and Japan- Focuing on the Influence of Mass Media Portrayals of China

    Qu Ming,12th International Conference on Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Conference book,2017.12,National Chi Nan University,Taiwan

  • A Chinese Language Program Evaluation at a Japanese University.

    Qu Ming,Asia-Pacific Consortium on Teaching Chinese as an International Language,2017.10,Yonsei University, Korea

  • Developing a rating scale to assess Chinese speaking skills of Japanese university students

    Ming Qu,Useful Assessment and Evaluation in Language Education,2016.03,WashingtonDC.USA

  • Improving the Chinese Education Curriculum at a Japanese University: The Development of Can-do Check List for Chinese Language Proficiency

    Ming Qu,"Past,Present and Future":Teaching and Learning Chinese in Higher Education,2015.07,Oxford University, UK

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  • 近世日本敬说的受容与展开(翻訳)


Research reports 【 display / non-display

  • How good is your test? First step: Ministep

    Ming Qu,JLTA Newsletter ,(No. 42 ),(p.8),2016.12

  • Work in progress reports: Introduce Japan In Chinese.

    Ming Qu,J-Ambassador Core Book.,2014.03

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  • 「学生が望む第二外国語教育としての中国語教育-ある国立大学の学生によるアンケート調査のデータに基づいて」

    曲 明,中国教育学会,「中国教育学会予稿集」,2020.06

  • Creation of Moodle-delivered Speaking Tests for Chinese Language Classes in Japan

    Qu Ming,The first international conference on Linguistics Research in the Era of Artificial Intelligence,The first international conference on Linguistics Research in the Era of Artificial Intelligence Conference book,2019.10.25,China

  • An Evaluation of a Chinese Language Programme - Focusing on intercultural competence

    Ming Qu,JALT PanSIG Conference ,Japan Association of Language teaching,予稿集なし,2018.05,Toyo University,Japan

  • A Comparative Study on the Influence of Mass Media Portrayal of China in Japan and UK -Focusing on the Motivation of Chinese Language Learning

    曲明,The Society for Intercultural Education, Training, And Research,異文化コミュニケーション学会第32回全国大会予稿集,2017.10

  • An Evaluation of a Chinese Program at a Japanese university.

    Ming Qu,Japan Language Testing Association 2017. ,予稿集なし,2017.09,Aizu University,Japan

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Class subject in charge 【 display / non-display

  • 海外研修


  • 中国語(Gクラス)


  • 中国語(Fクラス)


  • 中国語(Eクラス)


  • 中国の文化


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International research cooperation activities 【 display / non-display

  • Develop benchmarks and competence descriptors for Chinese as a Foreign Language

    UK,SOAS University of London,2019.03