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Takahashi Masatomo

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Center for General Education

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Division of Information and Electronic Engineering

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Division of Engineering

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  • Mathematics

  • Geometry

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  • Differential equations

  • Differential geometry

  • Singularity Theory

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  • Nihon University



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  • Envelopes of Legendre curves in the unit spherical bundle over the unit sphere

    Y. Li, D. Pei, M. Takahashi, H. Yu,The Quarterly Journal of Mathematics,2017.12

  • Envelopes of Legendre curves in the unit tangent bundle over the Euclidean plane

    Masatomo Takahashi,Results in Mathematics,vol.71,(p.1473 ~ 1489),2017.05

  • Existence conditions of framed curves for smooth curves

    Tomonori Fukunaga, Masatomo Takahashi,Journal of Geometry,vol.108,(p.763 ~ 774),2017

  • Singularities of tangent surfaces in Cartan's split G2-geometry

    G. Ishikawa・Y. Machida・M. Takahashi,Asian Journal of Mathematics,vol.20,(p.353 ~ 382),2016.04

  • Dualities and evolutes of fronts in hyperbolic and de Sitter space

    Liang Chen, Masatomo Takahashi,Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications,vol.437,(p.133 ~ 159),2016

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Research reports 【 display / non-display

  • Evolutes and involutes of fronts in the Euclidean plane

    高橋雅朋,数理解析研究所講究録,vol.1868,(p.83 ~ 100),2013

  • Caustics and wave front propagations

    高橋雅朋,数理解析研究所講究録,vol.1707,(p.135 ~ 148),2010

  • Differential geometry and singularity theory

    高橋雅朋,数理解析研究所講究録,vol.1623,(p.35 ~ 53),2009

Presentaion at conference, meeting, etc. 【 display / non-display

  • ラグランジュ部分多様体とグラフ型ルジャンドル部分多様体


  • Framed surfaces: smooth surfaces with singular points

    Masatomo Takahashi,Singularities and Differential Geometry in Changchun 2017,なし,2017.03.25,Northeast Normal University,China

  • 特異点を持つ曲線について


  • ルジャンドル曲線の1パラメータ族と包絡線


  • ルジャンドル曲線族の包絡線


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Class subject in charge 【 display / non-display

  • 形の数理


  • コンピュータ知能学総合演習


  • 解析B


  • 解析B


  • 解析A


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Education book 【 display / non-display

  • 微分積分

    2015.10,髙坂良史、加藤正和、黒木場正城, (p.257),学術図書

  • 微分積分

    2015.03,髙坂良史、加藤正和、黒木場正城, (p.254),学術図書

  • 微分積分

    2014.03,髙坂良史、加藤正和、黒木場正城, (p.253),学術図書

  • 微分積分

    2013.03,髙坂良史、加藤正和、黒木場正城, (p.249),学術図書