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Sakai Masahiro

The master's program in charge

Division of Production Systems Engineering

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Division of Engineering

The department in charge

Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Materials Engineering

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Associate Professor

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E-mail address

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  • Materials/Mechanics of materials

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  • corrosion engineering, electrochemistry, surface treatment

Academic Society 【 display / non-display

  • 軽金属学会

  • 腐食防食協会

  • 空気調和・衛生工学会

  • 日本複合材料学会

  • 表面技術協会

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Academic prize 【 display / non-display

  • xxx

    2002.05.31,社団法人 日本銅センター

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  • xxx





Purpose of Research



Summary of Research



Research Content

Features / Benefits of Research

1.Point of research 2.Research of novelty
  • コストをかけずに既存の設備で防食
  • マウンドレス孔食に対応する防食法
3.Primacy of Technology 4.Situation of patent-related
  • 薬剤を使わずに防食可能

Books 【 display / non-display

  • きちんと知りたい!飛行機メカニズムの基礎知識

    東野和幸,上羽正純,溝端一秀,今井良二,廣田光智,畠中和明,湊亮二郎,中田大将,樋口健,境昌宏,勝又暢久,日刊工業新聞社,第4章 機体の構造および材料,2.機体に使われる材料,2-3~2-8,(p.183),2018.01,978-4-526-07785-2

Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Corrosion Behavior of Copper Tubes with Various Phosphorous Content in Organic Acid Environment

    境 昌宏,京良彦,大谷良行,河野浩三,Journal of Japan Institute of Copper,vol.56,(1),(p.160 ~ 165),2017.08

  • Ferroelectric and magnetic properties for nano particles of multiferroic YbFe2O4

    H. Kobayashi, K. Fujiwara, N. Kobayashi, T. Karasudani, M. Sakai, N. Ikeda, S. Mori, O. Seri,Ferroelectrics,vol.512,(p.77 ~ 84),2017.08

  • Corrosion Behavior of High Strength Copper Tube C1862 in Formic and Acetic Acid Solution

    境 昌宏,高橋裕喜,Journal of Japan Institute of Copper,vol.56,(1),(p.153 ~ 159),2017.08

  • Stability of cluster glass state in nano order sized YbFe2O4 powders

    H. Kobayashi, K. Fujiwara, N. Kobayashi, T. Ogawa, M. Sakai, M. Tsujimoto, O. Seri, S. Mori, N. Ikeda,Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids,vol.103,(p.103 ~ 108),2017.01

  • Stress Corrosion Cracking Test for Pure Copper Tube Using C-Ring Specimen under Ammoniacal Environment

    境 昌宏,木谷光来,入江智芳,八鍬浩,Zairyo-to-Kankyo/Corrosion Engineering of Japan,vol.65,(12),(p.494 ~ 497),2016.12

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International conference proceedings 【 display / non-display

  • Pitting Corrosion of Copper in Artificial Freshwater Containing Silica and Iorganic Anions

    Masahiro Sakai and Osami Seri(Muroran Institute of Technology),Proceedings of the The 14th Asian-Pacific Corrosion Control Conference,(p.05-04(CD-ROM) ~ ),2006.10,Shanghai, CHINA

  • The New Type Pitting Corrosion of Copper Tubes in Tap Water

    Masahiro Sakai and Osami Seri,Proceedings of the The 13th Asian-Pacific Corrosion Control Conference,(p.K-03(CD-ROM) ~ ),2003,Osaka, JAPAN

  • Comparative Study on Pitting Corrosion of Copper Tubes in Pitting and Pitting-free Area

    Masahiro Sakai and Osami Seri(Muroran Institute of Technology),Proceedings of the The 12th Asia-Pacific Corrosion Control Conference,(p.471 ~ 480),2001,Seoul,KOREA

  • Synergetic Effect of Sodium Chloride and Citric Acid on Dissolution of Aluminium

    Masahiro Sakai and Osami Seri(Muroran Institute of Technology),Proceedings of The 2nd International Symposium on Aluminium Surface Science and Technology (ASST2000),(p.258 ~ 263),2000,Manchester,England,UK

  • Electrochemical Study on Pitting Corrosion of Copper Tubes in Soft Tap Water

    Masahiro Sakai and Osami Seri(Muroran Institute of Technology),Proceedings of The 11th Asian-Pacific Corrosion Control Conference,(p.482 ~ 491),1999,Hochiminh City,VIETNAM

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Editorial and Commentary 【 display / non-display

  • Ⅱ. Fundamental Electrochemical Methods for Corrosion - Galvanostatic Method -

    境 昌宏,Zairyo-to-Kankyo / Corrosion Engineering,vol.67,(1),(p.17 ~ 21),2018.01

  • Moundless Type Pitting Corrosion of Copper Tube

    境 昌宏,世利修美,材料と環境,vol.57,(4),(p.172 ~ 179),2008

  • Degradation of Non-Ferrous Metals, esp. Aluminum and Copper

    世利修美,境昌宏,Journal of Heating,Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan,vol.79,(9),(p.813 ~ 821),2005

Presentaion at conference, meeting, etc. 【 display / non-display

  • Reproducing for Pitting Corrosion of Copper in Artificial Fresh Water Using Potentiostatic Corrosion Test

    吉田徹,境 昌宏,日本機械学会北海道学生会第47回学生員卒業研究発表講演会,日本機械学会北海道学生会,日本機械学会北海道学生会第47回学生員卒業研究講演会講演論文集,(p.講演番号220(pdfDL)),2018.03.05,北海道・北海道大学

  • Effect of area ratio on galvanic corrosion between aluminum and CFRP

    片山大樹,境 昌宏,日本機械学会北海道学生会第47回学生員卒業研究発表講演会,日本機械学会北海道学生会,日本機械学会北海道学生会第47回学生員卒業研究講演会講演論文集,(p.講演番号215(pdfDL)),2018.03.05,北海道・北海道大学

  • Effect of Phosphorous Content on Ant Nest Corrosion of Copper Tube

    橘裕之,境 昌宏,日本機械学会北海道学生会第47回学生員卒業研究発表講演会,日本機械学会北海道学生会,日本機械学会北海道学生会第47回学生員卒業研究講演会講演論文集,(p.講演番号203(pdfDL)),2018.03.05,北海道・北海道大学

  • Galvanic Corrosion between CFRP Plate with Various Laminated Constitution and Aluminum

    川戸駿,境 昌宏,日本航空宇宙学会北部支部2018年講演会,社団法人 日本航空宇宙学会,日本航空宇宙学会北部支部2018年講演会,(p.JSASS-2018-H053(CD-ROM)),2018.03.05,宮城県仙台市・東北大学大学院工学研究科

  • 有機酸溶液中で発生する銅の蟻の巣状腐食に及ぼす銅イオンの影響

    高橋裕喜,境 昌宏,第64回材料と環境討論会,公益社団法人 腐食防食学会,第64回材料と環境討論会講演集,(p.191-192),2017.11.08,沖縄県那覇市・沖縄県市町村自治会館

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Class subject in charge 【 display / non-display

  • 航空宇宙工学セミナーI


  • 航空宇宙機の基礎


  • 航空宇宙構造工学II


  • 航空宇宙工学セミナーII


  • 航空宇宙構造力学


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