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KOHATA Yukihiro

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Center of Environmental Science and Disaster Mitigation for Advanced Research

The master's program in charge

Division of Sustainable and Environmental Engineering

The doctoral program in charge

Division of Engineering

The department in charge

Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture

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  • Geotechnical engineering

  • Civil engineering materials/Construction/Construction management

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  • Deformation and Strength Characteristics

  • Small Strain

  • Geosynthetics

  • Geomaterials (Liquefied Stabilized Soil, Gravel, Base Coase and Subgrade material)

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  • Hokkaido University

    1989,Doctoral program,Graduate School, Division of Engineering,Division of Civil Enginnering,Completed,Japan

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  • Hokkaido University

    1984,Faculty of Engineering,Department of Civil Enginnering,Graduate,Japan

Academic Society 【 display / non-display

  • Japanese GeotechnicalSociety

Academic prize 【 display / non-display

  • ASTM Hogentogler Award

    1996.01.29,ASTM International (米国国際材料試験学会)

  • Award for The Best Paper in Ground Improvement in 1997


  • Award for The Best Paper in Geotechnical Engineeringin Hokkaido Branch of JGS


  • 地盤工学会功労章


  • 国際ジオシンセティックス学会日本支部論文賞





Purpose of Research



Summary of Research



Research Content

Features / Benefits of Research

1.Point of research 2.Research of novelty
  • 綿状にした古紙を流動化処理土に入れてできる粘り強い地盤
  • 流動化処理土に綿状にした古紙を混合
3.Primacy of Technology 4.Situation of patent-related
  • 靭性能が飛躍的に向上

Books 【 display / non-display

  • Pavement Engineering Library 13b,Characteristics and Evaluation of Subgrade and Base Course Matrials

    木幡行宏,関根悦夫,竹内康,佐藤研一,小関裕二,坂本寿信,坪川将丈,公益社団法人 土木学会,第1章 概説,第4章 路床・路盤材料の室内試験における評価方法と材料特性,(p.125),2015.10,978-4-8106-0769-7

  • 実務に役立つ地盤工学Q&A(第二巻)


  • 土木技術と国際標準・認証制度-わが国土木分野の国際標準化戦略はどうあるべきか?-


  • 土木技術と国際標準


  • 鉄道構造物等設計標準・同解説-開削トンネル-


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Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Countermeasure of soft ground improved by Gravel Foundation Reinforcement Method

    松田圭大,林啓二,原靖,木幡行宏,久保幹男,倉知禎直,安達謙二,Geosynthetics Technical Information ,vol.33,(1),(p.15 ~ 20),2017.03


    Ahmad SHAFEEQ, Yukihiro KOHATA and Yasushi TAKEUCHI,土木学会論文集E1(舗装工学),vol.72,(2),(p.54 ~ 62),2016.08

  • Evaluation of In-Situ Compressive Stiffness of Liquefied-Stabilized Soil Reinforced with Fiber

    H. Q. Duong, Y. Kohata, K. Ozaki and A. Abiru,Japanese Geotechnical Society Special Publication,vol.2,(66),(p.2258 ~ 2263),2016.01

  • Considerations of Holocene Graoud and Its Soil Properties in Ha Noi City

    グェン コン ザン,中山俊雄,杉本隆男,小島義孝,片桐雅明,大石幹太,木幡行宏,Earth Science (Chikyu Kagaku),vol.69,(p.311 ~ 324),2015

  • Strength and Deformation Characteristics of Liquefied Stabilized Soil Reinforced by Fiber Material Prepared at Laboratory and Field

    Hung Quang DUONG, Yukihiro KOHATA, Satoshi OMURA and Keita OZAKI,ジオシンセティックス論文集,vol.第29巻,(p.33 ~ 40),2014.12

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International conference proceedings 【 display / non-display

  • A preliminary comparison study on basic soil test methods according to JIS and TCVN

    Do Tuan Anh, Yukihiro Kohata, Kazuma Ashida,the proceedings of Joint Seminar on Environmental Science and Disaster Mitigation Research (JSED 2017),(p.79 ~ 80),CEDAR,2017.03,Muroran

  • Consideration of some soil test results based on Japanese and Vietnamese Standards

    Do Tuan Anh, Yukihiro Kohata, Akinobu Kiya,Porc.of Joint Seminar on Environmental Science and Disaster Mitigation Research 2016 (JSED2016),(p.124 ~ 125),2016.03,Muroran

  • Evaluation of in-situ compressive stiffness of liquefied-stabilized soil reinforced with fiber

    Hung Quang DUONG, Yukihiro KOHATA, Keita OZAKI and Saori ABIRU,Extended Abstracts of the 15th AsianRegional Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering,(p.241 ~ ),2015.11,Fukuoka

  • An investigation on ground cave-in in old land fill

    R. Kuwano and Y. Kohata,Proc. of 4th Japan-China Geotechnical Symposium,(p.274 ~ 277),2010

  • Deformation Characteristics of Abraded Granular Materials on Cyclic Loading

    E. Sekine, Y. Kohata,Proc. of 5th Chaina/Japan Workshop on Pavement Technologies,(p.CD-ROM ~ ),2009

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Editorial and Commentary 【 display / non-display

  • 国道274号日勝峠で何が起きたのか-今秋の通行止め解除に向けて-

    木幡行宏,開発こうほう,vol.649,(8),(p.4 ~ 7),2017.08

  • 地方小都市の大学からみる「地方創生と学」について

    那須守,木幡行宏,松本茂,土木学会誌,vol.201,(12),(p.8 ~ 11),2016.12

  • 舗装の耐久性向上に資する路床・路盤の重要性

    木幡行宏,舗装,vol.51,(8),(p.1 ~ 2),2016.08

  • 洞爺湖町の橋台崩落/北海道-誰も気づかなかった浸食崩壊-

    木幡行宏,日経コンストラクション,(620),(p.48 ~ 51),2015.07

  • ISO/TC221(ジオシンセティックス)における活動

    木幡行宏・巻内勝彦,土と基礎,vol.Vol.51,(No.7),(p.21 ~ 24),2003

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Research reports 【 display / non-display

  • Disaster Survey Report of Slope Failures in Hokkaido, Japan Induced by 2016 August Typhoons

    石川 達也,川端 伸一郎,木幡 行宏,川村 志麻,北海道地区自然災害科学センター報告,vol.31,2018.03

  • Survey on Factors of Geotechnical Disaster in Hidaka Region due to Typhoon No. 10 in 2016

    木幡行宏,室蘭工業大学 紀要,(67),(p.9 ~ 14),2018.03

  • 原位置・室内作製供試体による繊維材混合流動化処理土の三軸せん断特性に及ぼす泥水密度の影響

    佐々木将人,木幡行宏,地盤工学会北海道支部技術報告集,(58),(p.247 ~ 254),2018.01

  • 三軸試験による M 材と C 材の強度・変形特性の比較・検討

    天野友貴,木幡行宏,地盤工学会北海道支部技術報告集,(58),(p.243 ~ 246),2018.01

  • Geotechnical Consideration on Sloop Failure in the area of the Lake Shikotsu in 2014

    木幡行宏,室蘭工業大学紀要,(66),(p.59 ~ 66),2017.03

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Presentaion at conference, meeting, etc. 【 display / non-display

  • 細粒な粒度を含む路盤材の三軸せん断特性に及ぼす繰返し載荷履歴の影響

    木幡行宏,天野友貴,第52回地盤工学研究発表会,公益社団法人 地盤工学会,第 52 回地盤工学研究発表会講演概要集,(p.909-910),2017.07.12,名古屋,日本

  • Effect of slurry density on strength and deformation property of liquefied stabilized soil mixed with fiber material

    佐々木将人,木幡行宏,第52回地盤工学研究発表会,公益社団法人 地盤工学会,第 52 回地盤工学研究発表会講演概要集,(p.459-460),2017.07.12

  • Consideration on water content, liquid limit and coefficient of consolidation obtained by Vietnamese and Japanese soil test methods

    Tuan Anh DO,Yukihiro KOHATA,Kazuma ASHIDA,第52回地盤工学研究発表会,公益社団法人 地盤工学会,第 52 回地盤工学研究発表会講演概要集,(p.79-80),2017.07.12,名古屋,日本

  • A preliminary comparison study on basic soil test methods according to JIS and TCVN

    Do Tuan Anh,Joint Seminar on Environmental Science and Disaster Mitigation Research (JSED 2017),CEDAR,Proceedings of Joint Seminar on Environmental Science and Disaster Mitigation Research (JSED 2017),(p.79-80),2017.03.03,Muroran,Japan

  • 繊維材混合流動化処理土による埋戻し地盤の強度・変形特性

    木幡行宏,第51回地盤工学研究発表会,公益社団法人 地盤工学会,第51回地盤工学研究発表会講演概要集,(p.585-586),2016.09.15

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Class subject in charge 【 display / non-display

  • 土木施工


  • 土木工学概論


  • 土木実験


  • 土木環境系特論

    2018,Master's program

  • 学内インターンシップ(土木工学コース)

    2018,Master's program

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International research cooperation activities 【 display / non-display

  • KMK Joint Seminar