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Oishi Yoshihiko

The master's program in charge

Division of Production Systems Engineering

The department in charge

Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Materials Engineering

Job title

Assistant Professor

E-mail Address

E-mail address

Research field 【 display / non-display

  • Fluid engineering

Keywords for Research Field 【 display / non-display

  • Multiphase flow

  • Fluid measurement

  • Drag reduction

  • Turbulent

  • 流れの可視化

Research themes 【 display / non-display

  • Frictional drag reduction by injected bubbles

    Bubbly flow,Drag reduction,Turbulent flow,2012.04 ~ 2017

  • Particle Image Velocimetry on large scale flow field

    Fluidics,Flow visualization,Measurement,2012.04 ~ 2016

  • 広義PIVによる圧力場推定

    粒子画像流速測定法,圧力場推定,流体解析,2013.04 ~ 2017

  • 雪冷房システム

    利雪,ホワイトデータセンター,熱力学,2015.04 ~ 2017

  • テーラークエット流れのカオス流動過程

    乱流遷移,渦,超音波計測,2015.04 ~ 2017

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Graduate school・Graduate course, etc. 【 display / non-display

  • University of Fukui

    2005.03,Master's program,Graduate School, Division of Engineering,ファイバーアメニティ工学専攻,Completed

  • Hokkaido university

    2008.03,Doctor's Course,Graduate School, Division of Engineering,エネルギー環境システム専攻,Completed

Degree 【 display / non-display

  • Bachelor of Degree

  • Master of Degree

  • Ph.D.

    Study on Mechanism of Frictional Drag Reduction by Bubbles

Career 【 display / non-display

  • Hokkaido university(Research Fellow)

    2008.04 ~ 2009.03

  • Toyota central R&D Labs., Inc(Visiting Researcher)

    2009.04 ~ 2011.03

  • Otsuka electronics Inc(Researcher)

    2011.04 ~ 2012.03

  • Hokkaido university(Assistant Professor)

    2012.03 ~ 2015.03

Academic Society 【 display / non-display

  • The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers

  • The Japanes Society for Multiphase Flow

  • The Visualization Society of Japan

  • Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan

Academic prize 【 display / non-display

  • 研究技術賞


  • 流れの夢コンテスト 優秀賞 流体力学的札幌市


  • Best presentation award, The 6th International Symposium on Measurement Techniques for Multiphase Flows

    2008.12.13,The Japanes Society for Multiphase Flow

  • 日本混相流学会論文賞


  • 流れの夢コンテスト 一樹賞 風ットボール


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Flow control of Frictional drag reduction by injected bubbles

Purpose of Research

Frictional Drag Reduction by Injected Bubbles

We are making continuing effort to improve Particle Image Velocimetry as applying these methods to a variety of flowfields where conventional techniques were impossible or invalid, targeting to clarify the essential flow characteristics in those configurations. Applying this method and the way of approach to solution, we select the research topics that will respond to industrial needs.

Summary of Research

New technology of measurement for multiphase flow

The research of bubble is classified Multiphase flow in fluid dynamics. Multiphase flow is research field which include solid, liquid and gas. The research of bubble oganaized liquid and gas called a gas-liquid two-phase flow. But Albert Einstein(1879-1955) is one of scientist which has interest in gas-liquid two-phase flow (Einstein, A. 1906, Effect of suspended rigid spheres on viscosity, Ann. Phys. 4, p. 289). We expect that the mechanisms of drag reduction by injected bubbles are interaction between bubbles and turbulent structures, bubble deformation, or chenge of effective viscosity.

Research Content

Features / Benefits of Research

1.Point of research 2.Research of novelty
  • Interaction between turublent structures and bubbles
  • Arrangement of complicated mechanism for drag reduction
  • LASER shear stress measurement
  • Interaction of bubbles and turbulent structure
3.Primacy of Technology 4.Situation of patent-related
  • Low environment load
  • High degree of usability
  • International competitiveness
  • High added value
  • Patent pending

Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Oil mist transport process in a long pipeline on turbulent flow transition region

    Tomoaki Takeuchi, Jumpei Ohkubo, Norio Yonezawa, Yoshihiko Oishi, Ichiro Kumagai, Yuji Tasaka, Yuichi Murai,International Journal of Multiphase Flow,vol.87,(p.45 ~ 53),2016.12

  • Void waves propagating in the bubbly two-phase turbulent boundary layer beneath a flat-bottom model ship during drag reduction

    Hyun Jin Park, Yoshihiko Oishi, Yuji Tasaka, Yuichi Murai,Experiments in Fluids,vol.57,(178),(p.1 ~ 18),2016.11

  • Quantitative visualization of swirl and cloud bubbles in Taylor–Couette flow

    Bruno van Ruymbeke,Yuichi MuraiYuji TasakaYoshihiko OishiCéline GabilletCatherine ColinNoureddine Latrache,Journal of Visualization,(p.1 ~ 10),2016.09

  • Ultrasonic velocity profiling rheometry based on a widened circular Couette flow

    T.SHIRATORI, Y.TASAKA, Y.OISHI, Y.MURAI,Measurement Science and Technology,(p.085302 ~ ),2015

  • Drag reduction promoted by repetitive bubble injection in turbulent channel flows

    H.J.PARK, Y.TASAKA, Y.OISHI, Y.MURAI,International Journal of Multiphase Flow,(p.12 ~ 25),2015

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International conference proceedings 【 display / non-display

  • Pressure field estimation from particle tracking velocimetry for vortex ring impinging on a sold wall

    Yoshihiko Oishi, MomoTakeuchi, Hideki Kawai, Yuichi Murai,12th International symposium of Particle Image Velocimetry, Book of Abstract, Full paper,(p.1 ~ 2),Article Number:ISPIV-268,2017.06,Korea

  • Void wave propagation in the turbulent boundary layer beneath a flat-bottom model ship

    H.J. Park, Y. Oishi, Y. Tasaka, Y. Murai,Japan-U.S. Seminar on Two-Phase Flow Dynamics 2017,(p.41 ~ 44),2017.06,Japan

  • Development of a laser Doppler wall shear stress sensor for bubbly two-phase flow measurement

    Y.Oishi, S. Onuma, H. Kawai, H.J. Park, Y. Tasaka, Y.Murai,Japan-U.S. Seminar on Two-Phase Flow Dynamics 2017,(p.117 ~ 120),2017.06

  • Frequency Analysis of Chaotic Flow in Transition to Turbulence in Taylor-Couette System with Small Aspect Ratio

    Tatsuya Fujii, Yoshihiko Oishi, Hideki Kawai, Hiroshige Kikura, Riky Stepanus Situmorang, Himsar Ambarita.,1st International Conference on Computing And Applied Informatics (ICCAI) 2016,(p.1 ~ 8),2016.12,Medan, Indonesia

  • Diffusion behavior of oil mist in a horizontal pipe flow

    T.Takeuchi, Y.Oishi, I.Kumagai, Y.Tasaka, and Y.Murai,Proc. 9th International Symspoium on Measurement Techniques for Multiphase Flow,(p.165 ~ 166),2015.09,JAPAN

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Presentaion at conference, meeting, etc. 【 display / non-display

  • 電解液を用いた管内流れ場中の水素発生効率の評価

    大石 義彦,山本駿悟,河合 秀樹,佐々木大地,日本機械学会2017年度年次大会,日本機械学会,日本機械学会2017年度年次大会講演論文集No. 17-1, J0510305,(p.1-5),2017.09.06,さいたま市,日本

  • 水平チャネル内乱流条件における単一気泡挙動の可視化

    木下 雅也,大沼 翔,大石 義彦,河合 秀樹,村井 祐一,日本機械学会2017年度年次大会,日本機械学会,日本機械学会2017年度年次大会講演論文集No. 17-1, J0510304,(p.1-5),2017.09.06,さいたま市,日本

  • 傾斜する平板に衝突する渦輪の圧力場

    竹内桃,大石義彦,河合秀樹,村井祐一,日本流体力学会年会2017,流体力学会,日本流体力学会年会2017 USB講演論文集,(p.1-5),2017.08.31,東京都,日本

  • 水平チャネル内壁面近傍における気泡通過時の瞬時せん断応力の直接計測

    大沼翔、大石義彦、河合秀樹、村井祐一,混相流シンポジウム2017,日本混相流学会,混相流シンポジウム2017講演論文集USB, PDF P097,(p.1-2),2017.08.19,調布市,日本

  • 低アスペクト比Taylor-Couette流れにおける孤立混合領域の超音波計測

    加藤雄太郎,大石義彦,河合秀樹,木倉宏成,第45回可視化情報シンポジウム,可視化情報学会,可視化情報 Vol.37, Suppl. No.1 USB A105,(p.1-4),2017.07.18,東京,日本

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Class subject in charge 【 display / non-display

  • 機械科学演習


  • 機械航空創造系実験


  • 機械科学設計法


  • 機械システム工学セミナー


  • 機械システム工学実験


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International research cooperation activities 【 display / non-display

  • Three dimensional measurement in Taylor-Couette bubbly flow

    France,French Naval Academy /Ecole Navale,2016.09 ~ 2017