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Qu Ming

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  • 中国語教育

  • 異文化コミュニケーション

  • 言語テスト

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  • 博士(学術)


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  • Critical, Constructive Assessment of CEFR-informed Language Teaching in Japan and Beyond.

    Fergus O'Dwyer 他13名,Cambridge University Press,Using the Can Do descriptor list as a checklist for short-term Chinese study in China,(p.333),2017.09,9781316638231

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  • 「中国語スピーキングテスト」

    曲明,『コンピュータ適応型中国語テストの開発と検証』,(p.130 ~ 148),2018.03

  • Peer Assessment for Testing Classroom Chinese Speaking in a Japanese University: Correlations and Attitudes.

    Ming Qu & Margit Krause-Ono,JALT(Japan Association for Language Teaching) Gunma chapter Annual journal,(第28号),(p.23 ~ 34),2016.12

  • 「日本人大学生の中国語学習者を対象にしたスピーキングテストの評価尺度の開発」

    曲明,『外国語教育研究』外国語教育学会紀要,(第19号),(p.37 ~ 56),2016.08

  • 汉语交际型口语考试评分标准的探讨

    曲明,『中国語教育学会16回目全国大会予稿集』,(第16号),(p.16 ~ 20),2016.06

  • Applying the CEFR across language curricula - German and Chinese. Critical, Constructive assessment of the CEFR-based language teaching in Japan and beyond.

    Margit Krause-Ono & Ming Qu,Can do statements in language education in Japan and beyond. Conference hand book.,(p.1 ~ 12),2016.03

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  • Comparative Study on the Motivations for Chinese Language Learning in the UK and Japan- Focuing on the Influence of Mass Media Portrayals of China

    Qu Ming,12th International Conference on Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Conference book,2017.12,National Chi Nan University,Taiwan

  • A Chinese Language Program Evaluation at a Japanese University.

    Qu Ming,Asia-Pacific Consortium on Teaching Chinese as an International Language,2017.10,Yonsei University, Korea

  • Developing a rating scale to assess Chinese speaking skills of Japanese university students

    Ming Qu,Useful Assessment and Evaluation in Language Education,2016.03,WashingtonDC.USA

  • Improving the Chinese Education Curriculum at a Japanese University: The Development of Can-do Check List for Chinese Language Proficiency

    Ming Qu,"Past,Present and Future":Teaching and Learning Chinese in Higher Education,2015.07,Oxford University, UK

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  • 近世日本敬说的受容与展开(翻訳)


Research reports 【 display / non-display

  • How good is your test? First step: Ministep

    Ming Qu,JLTA Newsletter ,(No. 42 ),(p.8),2016.12

  • Work in progress reports: Introduce Japan In Chinese.

    Ming Qu,J-Ambassador Core Book.,2014.03

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  • A Comparative Study on the Influence of Mass Media Portrayal of China in Japan and UK -Focusing on the Motivation of Chinese Language Learning

    曲明,The Society for Intercultural Education, Training, And Research,異文化コミュニケーション学会第32回全国大会予稿集,2017.10

  • An Evaluation of a Chinese Program at a Japanese university.

    Ming Qu,Japan Language Testing Association 2017. ,予稿集なし,2017.09,Aizu University,Japan

  • Comparing a Paired Test and an Interview Test-How does the Task Affect oral performance

    Ming Qu,2017 Temple University Japan Colloquium ,THE 19th TEMPLE UNIVERSITY APPLIED LINGUISTICS COLLOQUIUM,2017.02.05,Temple University Japan ,日本

  • Peer Assessment for Testing Classroom Chinese Speaking in a Japanese University: Correlations and Attitudes.

    Ming Qu,JALT((Japan Association for Language Teaching) Gunma chapter,JALT Gunma chapter summer workshop Conference handbook,2016.09,Gunma University,日本

  • 汉语交际型口语考试评分标准的探讨


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  • 中国語I


  • 中国語II(Bクラス)


  • 中国語II(Cクラス)


  • 中国語II(Aクラス)


  • 中国語I(A~Lクラス)


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