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Kawamura Yukihiro

Affiliation centers1, etc

The Center for Rare Earths Research

The master's program in charge

Division of Information and Electronic Engineering

The doctoral program in charge

Division of Engineering

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Department of Engineering

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Associate Professor

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E-mail address

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  • Natural Science / Magnetism, superconductivity and strongly correlated systems

Keywords for Research Field 【 display / non-display

  • Thermoelectric Conversion Material

  • Pressure

  • Magnetic properties

  • Superconductivity

  • Strongly Correlated Electron Systems

Graduate school・Graduate course, etc. 【 display / non-display

  • Kochi University

    2008.03,Master's program,Graduate School, Division of Natural Science,物質科学専攻,Completed,Japan

  • Kochi University

    2011.03,Doctoral program,Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences,Applied Science Program,Completed,Japan

Graduate school・major, etc. 【 display / non-display

  • Kochi University

    2006.03,Faculty of Science,Material Science,Graduate

Degree 【 display / non-display

  • Doctorate of Science

    新しいCe化合物CeT2Al10(T=Fe, Ru, Os)の物性研究

Career 【 display / non-display

  • Postdoctral Researcher

    2011.04.01 ~ 2014.07.31

  • Assistant Professor

    2014.08.01 ~ 2015.03.31

  • Assistant Professor

    2015.04.01 ~ 2020.03.31

  • Associate Professor


Academic Society 【 display / non-display

  • The Physical Society of Japan

  • The Japan Society of High Pressure Science and Technology

Academic prize 【 display / non-display

  • Outstanding Paper Award of the Physical Society of Japan

    2018.03.24,The Physical Society of Japan


Searching thermoelectric conversion material with high efficiency

Purpose of Research

Searching thermoelectric conversion material with high efficiency

Searching new thermoelectric conversion material with high efficiency by high temperature and high pressure technique

Summary of Research

Research Content

Features / Benefits of Research

1.Point of research 2.Research of novelty
3.Primacy of Technology 4.Situation of patent-related

Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Possible Heavy-Fermion State in PT-Symmetric Antiferromagnet CeMnSi

    H. Tanida, H. Matsuoka, Y. Kawamura, and K. Mitsumoto,JOURNAL OF THE PHYSICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN,vol.92,(p.1 ~ 12),Article Number:044703,2023.03

  • High-Pressure Synthesis and Thermoelectric Properties of Partially Filled Skutterudites RxCo4Sb12 (R = In, Tb and Dy)

    K. Awaji, R. Nakajima, K. Nishimura, T. Takedachi, T. Ando, Y. Kawamura, H. Gotou, and C. Sekine,Materials Transactions,vol.63,(p.776 ~ 782),2022.05

  • Structural Transition in the Hidden Ordered Phase of CeCoSi

    T. Matsumura, S. Kishida, M. Tsukagoshi, Y. Kawamura, H. Nakao, and H. Tanida,JOURNAL OF THE PHYSICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN,vol.91,(p.1 ~ 8),Article Number:064704,2022.05

  • Structural Phase Transition and Possible Valence Instability of Ce-4f Electron Induced by Pressure in CeCoSi

    Y. Kawamura, K. Ikeda, A. Dalan, J. Hayashi, K. Takeda, C. Sekine, T. Matsumura, J. Gouchi, Y. Uwatoko, T. Tomita, H. Takahashi, and H. Tanida,JOURNAL OF THE PHYSICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN,vol.91,(p.1 ~ 8),Article Number:064714,2022.05

  • Pressure Induced Superconductivity and Multiple Structural Transitions in CsCl-Type Cubic CeZn Single Crystal

    X. Shen, H. Ma, D. Bhoi, J. Gouchi, Y. Uwatoko, A. Dalan, Y. Kawamura, H. Sato, I. Umehara, and M. Uehara,Crystals,vol.12,(p.571 ~ ),2022.04

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International conference proceedings 【 display / non-display

  • Structural Analysis of CeCoSi under Pressure

    A. Dalan, K. Saito, K. Ikeda, H. Tanida, J. Hayashi, K. Takeda, C. Sekine, and Y. Kawamura,JPS Conference Proceedings,vol.38,(p.1 ~ 6),Article Number:011085,2023.05

  • Magnetic Properties in Tetragonal Antiferromagnet CeCoSi

    H. Tanida, K. Mitsumoto, Y. Muro, T. Fukuhara, Y. Kawamura, A. Kondo, K. Kindo, Y. Matsumoto, T. Namiki, T. Kuwai, and T. Matsumura,JPS Conference Proceedings,vol.30,(p.1 ~ 6),Article Number:011156,2020.03

  • Pressure and Field Dependence of Critical Temperature on Superconductivity of Filled Skutterudite YRu4P12

    Y. Kawamura, H. Mikage, J. Hayashi, H. Gotou, J. Gouchi, Y. Uwatoko, M. Kannan, L. Govindaraj, S. Arumugam, and C. Sekine ,JPS Conference Proceedings,vol.30,(p.1 ~ 6),Article Number:011054,2020.03

  • Rh Substitution Effect on Filled Skutterudite SmRu4P12

    C. Sekine, A. Hayashi, J. Saravanan, Y. Kawamura, and H. Gotou ,JPS Conference Proceedings,vol.30,(p.1 ~ 6),Article Number:011080,2020.03

Research reports 【 display / non-display

  • Crystal Structure and Electronic States of CeCoSi under high pressures and low temperatures

    川村幸裕, 池田翔, 林純一, 武田圭生, 関根ちひろ, 松村武, 上床美也, 冨田崇弘, 高橋博樹, 谷田博司,Photon Factory Activity Report,vol.40,(p.47 ~ ),2023.05

  • CeCoSi の圧力下リートベルト解析

    Alisha Nurshafiqah BINTI AMAT DALAN, 池田翔, 林純一, 武田圭生, 関根ちひろ, 谷田博司, 川村幸裕,Photon Factory Activity Report,vol.39,(p.54 ~ ),2022.05

  • Powder X-ray diffraction study under pressures and at low temperatures using GM refrigerator

    上田諒大, 川村幸裕, 谷田博司, 林純一, 武田圭生, 関根ちひろ, 冨田崇弘, 高橋博樹,Photon Factory Activity Report,vol.37,(p.26 ~ ),2020.08

  • Structural transition of CeCoSi at room temperature

    川村幸裕, 上田諒大, 池田翔, 谷田博司, 林純一, 武田圭生, 関根ちひろ,Photon Factory Activity Report,vol.37,(p.86 ~ ),2020.08

  • Powder X-ray diffraction study of CeCoSi under high pressure at room temperature.

    上田諒大, 川村幸裕, 谷田博司, 林純一, 武田圭生, 関根ちひろ,Photon Factory Activity Report,vol.36,(p.213 ~ ),2019.08

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Presentaion at conference, meeting, etc. 【 display / non-display

  • CeMnSiの圧力誘起構造転移

    西山紗恵, 中桐大輝, 池田翔, 林純一, 武田圭生, 関根ちひろ, 上床美也, Ma Hanming, 冨田崇弘, 高橋博樹, 谷田博司, 川村幸裕,2022年度量子ビームサイエンスフェスタ,2022年度量子ビームサイエンスフェスタ概要集,2023.03.13

  • Study of CeCoSi Structure under Pressure Compared to LaCoSi

    A. Dalan, K. Ikeda, H. Tanida, J. Hayashi, K. Takeda, C. Sekine, and Y. Kawamura,Rare Earth Workshop 2022 (REWS2022),REWS2022 abstract,2022.11.26,Muroran,Japan

  • Microscopic observation of DI-BSCCO wire junction by using JIM method

    K. Ikeda, Y. Nagai, S. Kanazawa, and Y. Kawamura,Rare Earth Workshop 2022 (REWS2022),REWS2022 abstract,2022.11.26,Muroran,Japan

  • JIM法における超伝導線材接合条件に関する検討と観察

    池田翔, 永井美裕, 金沢新哲, 川村幸裕,令和4年度電気・情報関係学会北海道支部連合大会,令和4年度電気・情報関係学会北海道支部連合大会予稿集,2022.11.05

  • RMnSiにおける希土類とマンガンの磁性

    谷田博司, 浦瑠希, 川村幸裕, 柳有起, 山田武見, 三本啓輔, 室裕司, 福原忠, 並木孝洋, 桑井智彦,日本物理学会2022年秋季大会,日本物理学会2022年秋季大会概要集,2022.09.12

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Patent acquisition 【 display / non-display

  • 高温超伝導線材、その製造方法および製造装置



Class subject in charge 【 display / non-display

  • 電気電子工学実験A(週2回開講)


  • 電気電子工学実験A(週2回開講)


  • 電子物性


  • 電磁気学演習


  • 電子物性


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