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The Center for Fundamental Education in Science and Engineering

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  • 博士 (理学)

    Large time behavior of solutions to some nonlinear parabolic type equations


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  • The lifespan of solutions of semilinear wave equations with the scale-invariant damping in two space dimensions

    Imai Takuto, Kato Masakazu, Takamura Hiroyuki, Wakasa Kyouhei ,JOURNAL OF DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS,vol.269,(no. 10),(p.8387 ~ 8424),2020

  • Global existence and blow-up for semilinear damped wave equations in three space dimensions

    Kato Masakazu, Sakuraba Miku,NONLINEAR ANALYSIS-THEORY METHODS & APPLICATIONS,vol.182,(p.209 ~ 225),2019.05

  • The sharp lower bound of the lifespan of solutions to semilinear wave equations with low powers in two space dimensions

    Takuto Imai, Masakazu Kato, Hiroyuki Takamura and Kyouhei Wakasa,Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics,vol.81,(p.31 ~ 53),2019

  • The lifespan of solutions of semilinear wave equations with the scale-invariant damping in one space dimension

    Kato Masakazu, Takamura Hiroyuki and Wakasa Kyouhei,Differential and Integral Equations,vol.32,(no. 11-12),(p.659 ~ 678),2019

  • Asymptotic profile of solutions for the damped wave equation with a nonlinear convection term

    Masakazu Kato and Yoshihiro Ueda,Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences,vol.40,(18),(p.7760 ~ 7779),2017.12

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  • Sharp asymptotics for the damped wave equations

    Masakazu Kato,数理解析研究所講究録,vol.1914,(p.66 ~ 75),2014.09

  • Stability of solitary waves for the coupled BBM equations

    Masakazu Kato,数理解析研究所講究録,vol.1883,(p.21 ~ 29),2014.04

  • Sharp asymptotics for the generalized Burgers equations

    Masakazu Kato,数理解析研究所講究録,vol.1592,(p.130―142 ~ ),2008.04

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  • ある非線型放物型方程式について

    藩 銘帥,室蘭解析セミナー,なし,2021.02.05

  • スケール不変な2次元半線形消散型波動方程式の解のライフスパンについて

    加藤正和,The 17th Linear and Nonlinear Waves,The 17th Linear and Nonlinear Waves,2019.10.29

  • スケール不変な消散項を持つ半線型波動方程式の爆発解のライフスパンについて

    加藤正和,東北大学 応用数理解析セミナー,なし ,2019.06.06

  • 半線形消散波動方程式の解のライフスパンについて


  • 空間3次元上の時間減衰する重み付き非線形波動方程式の解の時間大域存在と爆発


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  • 微分積分A(Dクラス・特設)


  • 情報学ゼミナール


  • 微分積分B(Fクラス)


  • 微分積分B(Dクラス)


  • 応用数学


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