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Choi Hyeong-Gil

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Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture

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Assistant Professor

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E-mail address

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  • Building structures/Materials

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  • Material

  • Building

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  • Chungnam National University

    2009.02,Master's Course,College of engineering,Architectural engineering,Completed,KOREA

  • The University of Tokyo

    2013.06,Doctoral program,Graduate School, Division of Engineering,Architectural engineering,Completed,JAPAN

Degree 【 display / non-display

  • Master of Engineering

    A Study on the Development of Flat-Ring Type Restrained Test Method and Performance Evaluation for Evaluating Shrinkage Cracking Properties of Concrete in Early Age

  • Doctor of Engineering

    A study on the macro prediction of shrinkage-reduction behavior in concrete using expansive additives

Career 【 display / non-display

  • Research assistant (Chungnam National University)

    2007.06 ~ 2007.12

  • Research assistant (Chungnam National University)

    2008.12 ~ 2010.09

  • JSPS Research Fellowships(DC2)

    2012.03 ~ 2013.06

  • JSPS Research Fellowships(PD)

    2013.07 ~ 2014.03

  • Project researcher, Department of Architecture, The University of Tokyo

    2014.05 ~ 2014.12

Academic Society 【 display / non-display

  • Japan concrete institute

  • Architectural institute of Korea

  • Korea concrete institute

  • Architectural institute of Japan

Academic prize 【 display / non-display

  • 新進研究者賞



Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Method for Determining Early-Age Frost Damage of Concrete by using Air-Permeability Index and Influence of Early-Age Frost Damage on Concrete Durability

    Choi Hyeonggil, Wenyan Zhang, Yukio Hama,Construction and Building Materials,vol.153,2017.10

  • シリコーンオイルが高炉スラグ微粉末を用いたモルタルの中性化抵抗性

    岸本豪太、金準鎬、崔亨吉、濱幸雄,コンクリート構造物の補修、補強、アップグレード論文報告集,vol.17,(p.351 ~ 356),2017.10

  • 既調合繊維補強ポリマーセメントモルタルの凍害劣化が引張性状に及ぼす影響

    長谷川諒、川村和史、崔亨吉、濱幸雄,コンクリート構造物の補修、補強、アップグレード論文報告集,vol.17,(p.419 ~ 424),2017.10

  • Compressive strength development and durability of an environmental load-reduction material manufactured using circulating fluidized bed ash and blast-furnace slag

    Wenyan Zhang, Hyeonggil Choi, Takahiro Sagawa, Yukio Hama,Construction and Building Materials,vol.146,2017.08

  • シリコーンオイルによる高炉スラグ微粉末モルタルの中性化抑制技術に関する研究


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International conference proceedings 【 display / non-display

  • Hydration Simulation of Cement-Expansive Additive Blends

    Van Nguyen Duc, Hyeonggil Choi and Yukio Hama,Joint Seminar on Environmental Science and Disaster Mitigation Research 2017,2017.03

  • Effect of Silicone Oil on Carbonation Resistance and Frost Resistance for Blast Furnace Slag Cement Mortar

    Gota Kishimoto, Junho Kim, Wenyan Zhang, Hyeonggil Choi and Yukio Hama,Joint Seminar on Environmental Science and Disaster Mitigation Research 2017,2017.03

  • Evaluation method for freezing effect on green concrete

    Ryoji SHIMAKAGE, Hyionggil Choi, Yukio Hama,Joint Seminar on Environmental Science and Disaster Mitigation Research 2017,2017.03

  • Modelling the effects of Maturity on the change of Pore Structure of Mortar due to Drying Temperature and Humidity

    Nguyen Xuan QUY, Akio SAKAGUCHI, Hyeonggil CHOI, Yukio HAMA,Joint Seminar on Environmental Science and Disaster Mitigation Research 2017,2017.03

  • Effects of Curing Temperature and Humidity on Setting Shrinkage Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Cement Mortar

    Kazushi Kawamura, Ryo Hasegawa, Hyeonggil Choi and Yukio Hama,Joint Seminar on Environmental Science and Disaster Mitigation Research 2017,2017.03

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Research reports 【 display / non-display

  • Exposure Experiment Under the Various Degradation Environment (Case Study in Japan)

    Choi Hyeong-Gil, Hama Yukio,Review of Architecture and Building Science,vol.60,(11),2016.11

  • Durability Design of Concrete Structure Based on Carbonation

    Gyuyong Kim, Gyeongcheol Choe, Jeongsoo Nam, Choi Hyeong-Gil,Magazine of the Korea Concrete Institute,vol.27,(5),2015

  • 高炉スラグ微粉末とフライアッシュを使用した三成分系コンクリートの自己修復性能

    金準鎬、塚本康誉、崔亨吉、濱幸雄,弟12回日本ㆍ韓国建築材料施工Joint Symposium,vol.12,(1),2015

  • PVA 繊維およびPP 繊維を混入したモルタルの凍結融解による力学特性

    長谷川諒、南正樹、崔亨吉、金圭庸、濱幸雄,弟12回日本ㆍ韓国建築材料施工Joint Symposium,vol.12,(1),2015

  • Modeling and Macro-Estimation of Contraction Reduction Behavior in Expansion Concrete

    Choi Hyeong-Gil,Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in Japan,vol.5,2014

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Presentaion at conference, meeting, etc. 【 display / non-display

  • 乾燥によるモルタルの細孔構造変化を表す温湿度時間積の検討 混合セメントの場合


  • セメントの水和反応に及ぼす初期材齢時の凍結の影響、日本建築学会学術講演梗概集


  • 高炉スラグ微粉末を混入したモルタルのシリコーンオイルによる中性化抵抗性改善に関する研究


  • 尿素を混入した繊維補強ポリマーセメントモルタル(FRPCM)の硬化収縮性状


  • 高炉スラグ微粉末を用いたコンクリートの中性化による耐凍害性の変化


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Class subject in charge 【 display / non-display

  • 材料の力学


  • 建築学概論


  • 建築材料実験


  • 建築測量学実習


  • 材料の力学


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