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Takase Mai

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Division of Sustainable and Environmental Engineering

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Division of Engineering

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Department of Applied Sciences

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Associate Professor

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  • Nanomaterials chemistry

  • Inorganic chemistry

  • Basic chemistry

  • Inorganic industrial materials

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  • electrochemistry

  • catalysis chemistry

  • material chemistry

  • colloid and interfaces science

  • photochemistry

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  • 形状・結晶型を制御した機能性無機材料の開発


  • 含鉄金属微粒子の光学および物理化学特性評価と機能化


  • 単一光触媒による水の完全分解反応


  • 光応答キラルセンサーの開発


Research history 【 display / non-display

  • 局在プラズモンをもちいた小数分子の振動分光と動的変化のin situ観測に関する研究

    2005.04 ~ 2009.03

  • 局在場における分子の光応答ならびに光化学反応制御に関する研究

    2009.04 ~ 2012.03

  • 光局在電場をもちいる選択的光分子合成触媒の開発ならびに光触媒反応の基礎的な反応機構の解明に関する研究

    2012.04 ~ 2014.12

  • 光触媒や発光性無機材料および貴金属微粒子等による新たな光機能性無機材料の開発と応用に関する研究


Graduate school・Graduate course, etc. 【 display / non-display

  • Hokkaido University

    2009.03,Master's Course,その他,化学専攻,Completed,Jaoan

  • Hokkaido University

    2012.03,Doctoral program,その他,化学専攻,Completed,Japan

Graduate school・major, etc. 【 display / non-display

  • Hokkaido University

    2006.03,Faculty of Science,化学専攻,Graduate,Japan

Career 【 display / non-display

  • assistannt proffessor, Catalysis Research Center, Hokkaido Univ.

    2012.04.01 ~ 2014.12.31

  • assosiate proffessor, Graduate School pf Science, Muroran Ins. Tech.

    2015.01.01 ~

  • assosiate proffessor, Institute for Catalysis, Hokkaido University

    2015.01.01 ~ 2016.03.31

Academic Society 【 display / non-display

  • 分子科学会

  • 光化学協会

  • 日本化学会

  • カーボンナノチューブ・フラーレン・グラフェン学会

  • ナノ学会

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Academic prize 【 display / non-display

  • 第5回 女性研究者奨励賞


  • Honda-Fujishima Prize


  • ポスター賞


  • 若手奨励賞


  • 学生講演賞


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Books 【 display / non-display

  • Vibrational Spectroscopy at Electrified Interfaces, Eds.

    F. Nagasawa, M. Takase, H. Nabika, and K. Murakoshi,John Wiley & Sons,Depolarization of Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Photons from a Small Number of Molecules on Metal Surfaces,2013

  • Frontiers of Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering: Single-Nanoparticles and Single Cells

    M. Takase, F. Nagasawa, H. Nabika, and K. Murakoshi,John Wiley & Sons,Single Molecule Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering as a Probe for Adsorption Dynamics on Metal Surfaces,2013

Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Multielectron reduction of molecular oxygen in photocatalytic decomposition of organic compounds by bismuth tungstate particles without cocatalyst loading

    Hori Haruna, Takashima Mai, Takase Mai, Kitamura Mika, Amano Fumiaki, Ohtani Bunsho,CATALYSIS TODAY,vol.303,(p.341 ~ 349),2018.04

  • Digitally Controlled Kinetics of Titania-photocatalyzed Oxygen Evolution

    Takeuchi Shugo, Takashima Mai, Takase Mai, Ohtani Bunsho,CHEMISTRY LETTERS,vol.47,(3),(p.373 ~ 376),2018.03

  • Reversed double-beam photoacoustic spectroscopy of metal-oxide powders for estimation of their energy-resolved distribution of electron traps and electronic-band structure

    Nitta Akio, Takashima Mai, Murakami Naoya, Takase Mai, Ohtani Bunsho,ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA,vol.264,(p.83 ~ 90),2018.02

  • Mechanism of the formation, structural characteristics and photocatalytic activities of hierarchical-structured bismuth-tungstate particles

    H. Hori, M. Takase, M. Takashima, F. Amano, T. Shibayama, B. Ohtani,Catal. Today,vol.300,(p.99 ~ 111),2018.01

  • Electrochemical control of strong coupling states between localized surface plasmons and molecule excitons for Raman enhancement

    Minamimoto Hiro, Kato Fumiya, Nagasawa Fumika, Takase Mai, Murakoshi Kei,FARADAY DISCUSSIONS,vol.205,(p.261 ~ 269),2017.12

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Editorial and Commentary 【 display / non-display

  • Analysis of Energy-resolved Density of Electron Traps for Characterization and Identification of Metal-oxide Particles

    Nitta Akio, Takashima Mai, Takase Mai, Ohtani Bunsho,Journal of the Society of Powder Technology, Japan,vol.54,(9),(p.560 ~ 568),2017

  • Single-Site Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering beyond Spectroscopy

    M. Takase, S. Yasuda, K. Murakoshi,Front. Phys,vol.11(2),(p.117803 ~ ),2016.01

  • ナノ光源による透明物質への光吸収誘起

    高瀬 舞,安食博志、保田 諭、石原 一、村越 敬,OHM,vol.11,(p.8 ~ 10),2013

  • 表面増強ラマン散乱による金属ナノギャップ空間における少数分子の吸着挙動in-situ観測

    高瀬 舞,沢井良尚,並河英紀,村越 敬,ナノ学会会報,vol.10,(p.7 ~ 11),2011

  • 金属ナノギャップにおける少数分子の動的挙動評価

    高瀬 舞,並河英紀,保田諭,村越 敬,表面技術,vol.62,(p.301 ~ 305),2011

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Presentaion at conference, meeting, etc. 【 display / non-display

  • Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Complexes Prepared Using Gallic Acid Derivatives Toward Transparent Film with High Glass Transition Temperature

    Kanako Aoki, Yasuteru Mawatari, Mai takase,Symposium on Nanomaterials for Environmental Purification and Energy Conversion (SNEPEC),Institute for Catalysis (ICAT), Hokkaido University,Symposium on Nanomaterials for Environmental Purification and Energy Conversion (SNEPEC) abstract,2018.02.20,Sapporo,Japan

  • Few-layer graphene-TiO2 composite photocatalyst for hydrogen production from methanol-water solution

    R. Mizuno, M. Takase, Y. Kanda, S. Yamanaka,Symposium on Nanomaterials for Environmental Purification and Energy Conversion (SNEPEC),Institute for Catalysis (ICAT), Hokkaido University,Symposium on Nanomaterials for Environmental Purification and Energy Conversion (SNEPEC) abstract,2018.02.20,Sapporo,Japan

  • 十面体形状アナタース型酸化チタン粒子の結晶構造特性と光触媒活性


  • 多元系発光微粒子の親水機能化


  • 界面温度差反応法をもちいる炭酸カルシウムの形状制御


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Class subject in charge 【 display / non-display

  • 物理化学B


  • 物理化学B


  • 物理化学B


  • 物理化学B


  • 物理化学実験(応用化学コース)


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