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Morita Hideaki

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Center for General Education

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Associate Professor

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  • Mathematics (Algebra, Combinatorics)

  • Mathematics

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  • Representation Theroy, Combinatorics

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  • Waseda University

    1992.03,Faculty of Science and Engineering,数学科,Graduate,Japan


Books 【 display / non-display

  • The Lefschetz Properties

    T. Harima, T. Maeno, H. Morita, Y. Numata, A. Wachi, J. Watanabe,Springer-Verlag,2013.08

Papers 【 display / non-display

  • The weighted Kirchhoff index of a graph

    Hideo Mitsuhashi, Hideaki Morita and Iwao Sato,Liear Algebra and its Applications,vol.547,(p.1 ~ 18),2018

  • Ruelle zeta functions for finite dynamical systems and Koyama-Nakajima's L-functions

    Y. Hattori and H. Morita,Proceedings of the Japan Academy,vol.92,(9),(p.107 ~ 111),2016

  • A generalized Bartholdi zeta function for a general graph

    I. Sato, H. Mitsuhashi and H. Morita,Linear and Multilinear Algebra,vol.64,(5),(p.991 ~ 1008),2016

  • A matrix-weighted zeta function of a graph

    H. Mitsuhashi, H. Morita and I. Sato,LINEAR & MULTILINEAR ALGEBRA,vol.62,(1),(p.114 ~ 125),2014

  • A new determinant expression for the weighted Bartholdi zeta function of a digraph

    Sato Iwao, Mitsuhasi Hideo, Morita Hideaki,ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF COMBINATORICS,vol.20,(1),Article Number:P27,2013.02

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Research reports 【 display / non-display

  • 非可換ホール=リトルウッド対称関数について

    三橋秀生, 森田英章,組合せ論的表現論とその周辺(数理解析研究所講究録),2013.12

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  • 組合せ論的ゼータの三種の表示について:完結編


  • 組合せ論的ゼータ函数と非可換対称函数


  • 組合せ論的ゼータについて


  • 有向グラフ上のルエル・ゼータ


  • Macdonald polynomials at roots of unity

    森田英章,BC 系と AGT 予想の周辺,東京大学,2010.09.11,東京都・東京大学

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  • 計算機代数システム


  • 線形代数


  • 線形代数


  • 線形代数


  • 応用代数特論

    2018,Master's program

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