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Katsumata Nobuhisa

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Aerospace Plane Research Center

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Division of Production Systems Engineering

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Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Materials Engineering

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Assistant Professor

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  • Structural/Functional materials

  • Aerospace engineering

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  • Vibrations and Structures

  • Deployable Structures

  • Gossamer Structures

  • Space Structures

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  • Deployable Boom Adapting Shape Memory Alloys

    SMA, Convex tape, Deployable Membrane Structures,Automatic Construction Mechanisms for Hierarchical Modular Structures

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  • Doctor of Engineering

    Analyses on the Extension and Deployment Behavior of Light Space Structures

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  • 早稲田大学 理工学術院(創造理工学研究科) 研究助手

    2009.04.01 ~ 2010.03.31

  • 早稲田大学 理工学術院(創造理工学研究科) 助手

    2010.04.01 ~ 2013.03.31

Academic Society 【 display / non-display

  • The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers

  • The Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences


Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Deployment behavior control using cables and bi-shape memory alloy convex tape booms

    Katsumata Nobuhisa, Kume Masaru, Higuchi Ken,ADVANCES IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING,vol.9,(7),Article Number:1687814017707909,2017.07

  • Covering Pressure and Friction Effect on Bending Stiffness and Natural Frequency for Braid Coated Bi-Convex tape Boom


  • Conceptual model study using origami for membrane space structures – a perspective of origami-based engineering

    M. C. NATORI, Hiraku SAKAMOTO, Nobuhisa KATSUMATA, Hiroshi YAMAKAWA and Naoko KISHIMOTO,Mechanical Engineering Reviews,vol.Vol. 2,(No. 1),(p.14-00368 ~ ),2015.09

  • Deployment Characteristics of Braid Coated Bi-Convex Tape and Bi-SMA Convex Tape Booms for Deployable Membrane Structures

    Nobuhisa Katsumata, Kaimori Masaaki, Masanobu Yamasaki, Ken Higuchi, Michihiro Natori, Hiroshi Yamakawa,Journal of Mechanics Engineering and Automation,vol.Vol.4,(No.1),(p.52 ~ 62),2014.01

  • Analysis of dynamic behaviour of inflatable booms in zigzag and modified zigzag folding patterns

    Katsumata Nobuhisa, Natori M. C., Yamakawa Hiroshi,ACTA ASTRONAUTICA,vol.93,(p.45 ~ 54),2014.01

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International conference proceedings 【 display / non-display

  • Expantion and Measurement of Spiral Folded Membrane by Small Satellite

    Tomoyuki Miyashita, Hiroshi Yamakawa, Nobuhisa Katsumata, M. C. Natori,55th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, AIAA SciTech Forum,Article Number:AIAA 2017-0848,American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA),2017.01

  • Deployment Behavior Control using Cables and Bi-SMA-Convex Tape Booms

    Nobuhisa Katsumata, Masaru Kume, and Ken Higuchi,ICAST2015: 26th International Conference on Adaptive Structures and Technologies,2015.10,Kobe

  • Coating Pressure Effects on Bending and Torsional Stiffness for Braid Coated Bi-Convex Tape Boom

    R. Goto, R. Fuchizawa, N. Katsumata and K. Higuchi,30th International Symposium on Space Technology and Science (ISTS2015), 34th IEPC&6th NSAT,2015.07,Kobe

  • Fused deposition modeling of unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic polymer using in-nozzle impregnation technique

    H. Asahara, M. Ueda, A. Todoroki, Y. Hirano, R. Matsuzaki and N. Katsumata,2nd Turkey-Japan Workshop on Polymeric Composite Materials,2015.03,Turkey

  • Stepwise Deployment of Membrane Structures with Rolled-up Booms: Experiments and Simulations

    N. Okuizumi, N. Katsumata, H. Kobayashi, H. Ikuta, M. Yamazaki, Y. Ito, M.C. Natori and H. Yamakawa,AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition (SciTech2014),vol.AIAA-2014-1039,AIAA,2014.01,Maryland, USA

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Research reports 【 display / non-display

  • P10 Development on Automatic Construction Mechanism for Future Large Space Structures

    Fujiwara Naoya, KATSUMATA Nobuhisa, HIGUCHI Ken,スペース・エンジニアリング・コンファレンス講演論文集 : Space Engineering Conference,vol.2013,(22),(p."P10 ~ 1"-"P10-2"),2013.12

  • P11 Deployment Behavior Evaluation on Braid Coated Bi-Convex Tape Booms using Shape Memory Alloys

    KAIMORI Masaaki, KATSUMATA Nobuhisa, HIGUCHI Ken,スペース・エンジニアリング・コンファレンス講演論文集 : Space Engineering Conference,vol.2013,(22),(p."P11 ~ 1"-"P11-3"),2013.12

  • P11 Deployment Analysis of Membrane Space Structures Considering Bending Stiffness of Booms by Multi-Particle Approximation Method

    Ito Yuki, Okuizumi Nobukatsu, Natori M.C., Yamakawa Hiroshi, Katsumata Nobuhisa,スペース・エンジニアリング・コンファレンス講演論文集 : Space Engineering Conference,vol.2013,(21),(p."P11 ~ 1"-"P11-2"),2013.01

  • P13 Vibration Experiments on Membrane Space Structures with Booms

    Katsumata Nobuhisa, Tashiro Masaki, Tomomatsu Hideki, Yamasaki Masanobu, Natori M.C., Yamakawa Hiroshi,スペース・エンジニアリング・コンファレンス講演論文集 : Space Engineering Conference,vol.2013,(21),2013.01

  • 1203 Model Experiments and Analyzing of Dynamic Behavior and Stable Region of Extendible Orthotropic Anisotrogy Structure Rotating around Its Axis

    KATSUMATA Nobuhisa, SHIMIZU Yuki, YAMAKAWA Hiroshi,設計工学・システム部門講演会講演論文集,vol.2008,(18),(p.92 ~ 97),2008.09

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Presentaion at conference, meeting, etc. 【 display / non-display

  • アンテナ反射鏡の変形計測手法と装置設計

    山﨑健次,樋口健 ,勝又暢久,岸本直子,岩佐貴史 ,藤垣元治,第33回宇宙構造・材料シンポウジウム,JAXA,第33回宇宙構造・材料シンポウジウム講演集(オンライン),(p.B11),2017.12.08,宇宙科学研究所 相模原キャンパス,日本

  • 物体表面の二次元格子を利用した相対変位の光学的計測法

    樋口 健, 勝又 暢久, 山崎 健次, 岸本 直子, 岩佐 貴史, 藤垣 元治,第61回宇宙科学技術連合講演会,日本航空宇宙学会,第61回宇宙科学技術連合講演会講演集,(p.3S16),2017.10.25,新潟市,日本

  • 平面板構造の折りたたみ方法と構造剛性

    勝又 暢久,Muhammad Hafizuddin,橋本 真之介,樋口 健,第61回宇宙科学技術連合講演会,日本航空宇宙学会,第61回宇宙科学技術連合講演会講演集,(p.2F15),2017.10.25,新潟市,日本

  • 画像による複合材料板の変形・ひずみ計測

    岸本 直子, 藤垣 元治, 岩佐 貴史, 樋口 健, 勝又 暢久,第61回宇宙科学技術連合講演会,日本航空宇宙学会,第61回宇宙科学技術連合講演会講演集,(p.3S15),2017.10.25,新潟市,日本

  • CFRP製パネル構造物の3 次元形状計測

    岸本直子, 岩佐貴史, 樋口健, 勝又暢久, 黒瀬豊敏, 渡邊秋人, 上土井大助,第59回 構造強度に関する講演会,日本航空宇宙学会,第59回 構造強度に関する講演会講演集,(p.25-27),2017.08.03,福井市,日本

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Class subject in charge 【 display / non-display

  • 航空宇宙工学セミナーII


  • 航空宇宙機械力学


  • 航空宇宙工学セミナーI


  • 航空宇宙工学実験


  • インター・サイエンスD


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