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Yajima Yuka

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Division of Sustainable and Environmental Engineering

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Department of Applied Sciences

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Associate Professor

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  • Biodiversity/Systematics

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  • Microbiology

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  • Doctor of Philosophy, in the field of Agrobiology


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  • Plant and Microbe Adaptation to Cold

    Hoshino T, Xiao N, Yajima Y, Kida K, Tokuda R, Murakami R, Tojo M, Matsumoto N.,Elsevier,Ecological Strategies of Snow Molds to Tolerate Freezing Stress,2013.09,978-1-4614-8252-9

  • Cold-adapted Microorganisms Biodiversity / Physiology / Bioactive substance

    Hoshino T, Xiao N, Yajima Y, Tkachenko OB.,Horizon Scientific Press. Norfolk.,Fungi in cryosphere: Their adaptations to environments.,2013.09,978-1-908230-26-3

  • Advanced in Medicine and Biology

    Hoshino T, Yajima Y, Tkachenko OB, Degawa Y, Tojyo M, Matsumoto N.,Nova Science Publishers, Inc.,Diversity and Evolution of Fungal Phytopathogens Associated with Snow,2013.04,978-1-62808-088-9

Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Typhula cf. subvariabilis, new snow mould in Antarctica

    Yuka Yajima, Motoaki Tojo, Bo Chen & Tamotsu Hoshino,Mycology,Article Number:DOI: 10.1080/21501203.2017.1343753,2017.06

  • Biodegradation of Toxic Organic Compounds using a Newly Isolated Bacillus sp. CYR2

    M. Venkateswar Reddy, Yuka Yajima, DuBok Choi, and Young-Cheol Chang,Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering,vol.22,(p.339 ~ 346 ),2017.05

  • Fruiting body formation of the nivicolous myxomycete Badhamia alpina in moist chamber culture.

    Yajima Y, Hoshino T, Kondo N, Chang Y-C.,Mycoscience,2017.04

  • Polyhydroxyalkanoates production from synthetic waste using Pseudomonas pseudoflava: Polyhydroxyalkanoate synthase enzyme activity analysis from P. pseudoflava and P. palleronii.

    Reddy MV, Mawatari Y, Onodera R, Nakamura Y, Yajima Y, Chang YC.,Bioresource Technology,2017.03

  • Degradation of toxic compounds at low and medium temperature conditions using isolated fungus.

    Chang Y-C, Fuzisawa S, M. Reddy MV, Kobayashi H, Yoshida E, Yajima Y, Hoshino T, Choi D.,CLEAN –Soil, Air, Water.,2016.05

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International conference proceedings 【 display / non-display

  • Development of a new food with medium chain fatty acids for the prevention of neurodegenerative disease dementia

    Young-Cheol Chang, M. Venkateswar Reddy, Yuka Yajima, Tatsuaki Tsuruyama, Yuichi Ohira,The 25th Annual Meeting of International Congress on Nutrition and Integrative Medicine-Prospective New Technologies developed in Hokkaido,(p.6 ~ ),2017.07

  • An optimized method for partial 18S rRNA gene sequencing of a single sporophore of myxomycetes.

    Iwata Y, Yajima Y, Chang YC.,JSED2017.,2017.03

  • A challenge of bioplastic recycling using an isolated bacterium

    Sun X, Nakaya E, Yajima Y, Chang YC.,JSED2017.,2017.03

  • Sample preparation in matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry of amoeboid forms of myxomycetes.

    Ishida D, Yajima Y, Chang YC.,JSED2017,2017.03

  • Fatty acids production from food wastes using anaerobic bacteria.

    Hayashi S, Reddy MV, Yajima Y, Chang YC.,JSED2017. ,2017.03

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Editorial and Commentary 【 display / non-display

  • 質量顕微鏡による単一細胞観察−イメージング質量分析の試み

    鶴山竜昭・矢島由佳,生体の科学,vol.65,(2),(p.119 ~ 126),2014.04

  • Application of Mass Spectrometry for Identification of Biomarkers in Formaldehyde-Fixed Paraffin Embedded Specimens.

    Tsuruyama T, Kakimoto Y, Yajima Y.,Austin Biomarkers & Diagnosis,vol.1,(1)

Research reports 【 display / non-display

  • 北海道胆振・後志地方における好雪性変形菌相

    矢島由佳・張傛喆,室蘭工業大学紀要,vol.66,(p.3 ~ 9),2017.03

Presentaion at conference, meeting, etc. 【 display / non-display

  • Production of Medicum Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) Using Acetate and Mixed Culture

    M. Venkateswar Reddy, Yuka Yajima, Young-Cheol Chang,Water and Environment Technology Conference 2017,Water and Environment Technology Conference 2017,(p.4),2017.07.22,Japan

  • Biodegradataion of Poly-3-hydrocybutyrate and Production of (R)-3-hydrocybutyric acid

    Xiaohang Sun, Erika Nakaya, Yuka Yajima, Young-Cheol Chang,Water and Environment Technology Conference 2017,Water and Environment Technology Conference 2017,(p.7),2017.07.22,Japan

  • 食物残渣およびチーズホエーからの中鎖脂肪酸の生産

    林悟・M. Venkateswer Reddy・矢島由佳・チャン ヨンチョル,第17回環境技術学会年次大会,第17回環境技術学会年次大会 研究発表会 予稿集,(p.16),2017.07.01

  • Production or (R)-3-hydroxybutyrate monomer by a poly-3-hydroxybutyrate-degradating bacterium Cupriavidus sp. CSN-1

    Xiaohang Sun, Erika Nayaka, Yuka Yajima, Young-Cheol Chang,第17回環境技術学会年次大会,第17回環境技術学会年次大会 研究発表会 予稿集,(p.16),2017.07.01

  • P. pseudoflava およびP. palleroniiによる芳香族化合物の生物分解に関する研究

    中屋江梨花・M. Venkateswar Reddy・矢島由佳・張傛喆.,第68回日本生物工学会年次大会,第68回日本生物工学会年次大会,2016.09.28

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Class subject in charge 【 display / non-display

  • バイオシステム英語演習


  • 微生物工学


  • 微生物工学特論

    2017,Master's program

  • 微生物工学


  • バイオシステム英語演習


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