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Ohta Katsuhisa

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Division of Sustainable and Environmental Engineering

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Division of Engineering

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Department of Applied Sciences

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  • Quantum Chemistry

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  • Kyoto University

    1982,Doctoral program,Graduate School, Division of Engineering,石油化学専攻,Completed

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  • Kyoto University

    1977,Faculty of Engineering,石油化学科,Graduate

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  • The Physical Society of Japan

  • The Chemical Society


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  • Recent Research Developments in Quantum Chemistry

    K.Ohta,Transworld Research Network,Pathanalysis of electron transfer reactions. Electronic flux and canonical collective coordinates,(p.141),2000

  • New Horizons of Quantum Chemistry

    K.Morokuma ・ S.Kato ・ K.Kitaura ・ S.Obara ・ K.Ohta ・ H.Hanamura,Reidel,Potential energy surface of chemical reactions,1983

Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Constraints in the variational principle for stationary states

    Katsuhisa Ohta,Journal of Mathematical Chemistry,vol.56,(p.813 ~ 824),2018.03

  • Gauging away the electron-electron interaction by the local phase of complex wave functions in two-electron systems

    Katsuhisa Ohta ,Journal of Mathematical Chemistry,vol.55,(1),(p.98 ~ 104),2017.01

  • Application of pseudo-diabatic electronic states buried in Hartree-Fock wavefunctions to describe bond dissociation processes

    T. Murakami ・ K. Ohta,Computational and Theoretical Chemistry,vol.1065,(p.1 ~ 6),2015.08

  • Nonsingular constraints in time-dependent variational principle for parametrized wave functions

    Katsuhisa Ohta,International Journal of Quantum Chemistry,vol.113,(2),(p.161 ~ 170),2013.01

  • Intuitive Local Picture for Spin Polarization of Chemical Bonds

    K.Ohta ・ T.Sakai,International Journal of Quantum Chemistry,vol.110,(p.1172 ~ 1187),2009

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  • Constraints in TDVP


  • Local index of spin polarization of chemical bonds


  • Local index of spin polarization of chemical bonds


  • UHF波動関数における化学結合スピン分極の局所的指標


  • 多中心ラジカル分子のスピン分極に関する理論的研究


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  • 量子化学


  • 基礎化学


  • 量子化学


  • 分子分光学


  • 基礎化学


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